Business and Accounting

The basic principles contained in Synergy Vocational Academy's Business and Accounting program summarize the practical applications of math and how they to a real world business environment.  Being a Christian means that God calls humans to exercise stewardship over the created world.  Learning to do that well in the area of money and possessions will help you glorify God in this area of your life. (1. Cor. 10:31)

The following objectives are designed to meet Synergy Vocational Academy's vision:

  • Prepare students’ abilities to understand business concepts, terms, and theories.

  • Prepare students in becoming proficient in the use of computer languages, databases, and other applications of information technology.

  • Develop students’ understanding of business problems.

  • Develop students’ analytical skills used in business decisions.

  • Develop students’ ability to solve problems through the use of critical thinking techniques.

  • Develop students’ communication skills necessary to meet the needs of business organizations.

  • Prepare students for a professional work environment as a business analyst.

  • Equip students to work with Quickbooks and other software applications in order to have the ability to reconcile bank statements / manage balance sheets and P and L's / apply proper journal entries and oversee assets, liabilities, and revenue expenses.

Entrepreneurs, CPA's, Technologists, Business Leaders, Developers, and community experts take center stage to present the “Money Matters” forum.  By hosting these field experts, our students have access to the wealth of lifetime knowledge and innovative approaches in their fields. These "Money Matters" talks are filmed at our flagship Synergy campus studios.