Game Design / Coding / E-Sports / Information Technology

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Game Design & Coding

"Earn to Learn, It Pays to Play!"

Our vision is to pioneer a Game Design program that utilizes various technology platforms to create and program unique designs in this up-and-coming field.

Disciplines include​

  • Game Art 

  • Game Business & E-Sports 

  • Animation

  • Game Development 

  • Simulation & Visualization 

  • Game Literacy


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Synergy Vocational Academy takes our students' passions for E-Sports into future careers and post-secondary scholarship opportunities.


SVA's E-Sports program prepares students to meet the increased demand and become leaders in this burgeoning field. 

Our one-of-a-kind E-Sports Lab features cutting edge, top-of-the-line technology, rivaling those of any facility in the world.

E-Sports Business Administration

  • Broadcast and journalism

  • Business finance

  • Marketing

  • Tournament and Event Planning

Skill Enhancement

  • Coaching / Management

  • Team building and collaboration

  • Leadership

Leagues and Clubs:

  • Smash Brothers

  • League of Legends

  • Starcraft 2

  • Rainbow 6

  • Rocket League

  • 2K Sports

  • Roblox

  • Minecraft


Information Technology & Cybersecurity

This course establishes an understanding of the basics needed/demanded for further study in the field of computers through a general survey of the methods and ways to process data.

Importance and focus are on the computer's general-purpose and its use in business and industry.  This course serves as an introduction to computer terminology, equipment, and software.

Topics covered include: computer hardware and its operation, operating systems and application software, networks and computer communications, the Internet and the World Wide Web, development of information systems, programming, and career opportunities.

Being able to read and write computer programs enables you to make informed buying decisions, use computers in your career, understand and take advantage of future technologies, and understand the many effects of technology.